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State of Oklahoma Ex Res., The Board of Regents of

                                                              the University of Oklahoma

                                                                  Benefits At-A-Glance

                                                                      Full-Time Employees
                                               Employee Life
     Optional Life I
                                               Coverage Options                  Increments of $10,000

      The Lincoln Term                         Maximum coverage amount           This amount may not exceed the lesser

                                                                                 of 5 times Annual Earnings (rounded up

      Life Insurance Plan:                                                       to the nearest $1,000) or $500,000

      • Provides a cash benefit to your        Minimum coverage amount           $10,000

        loved ones in the event of your        Guaranteed Life coverage amount    $300,000
        death or if you die in an              Spouse Life The amount of Dependent Life Insurance coverage cannot be

        accident                               greater than 100% of the Employee combined Basic and Optional Benefit.

      • Features group rates for               Coverage Options                  Increments of $5,000
        employees                              Maximum coverage amount           This amount may not exceed $150,000
      • Includes LifeKe
                      ys® services,
        which provide access to                Minimum coverage amount           $5,000

        counseling, financial, and legal       Guaranteed Life coverage amount   $100,000

        support services                       Dependent Child(ren) Life

      • Also includes TravelConnect ®          Live Birth but under 26 years     Option of $5,000 or $10,000
        services, which give you and
        your family access to
        emergency medical assistance
        when you’re on a trip 100+
        miles from home

                                                                                                 Lincoln Financial Group

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