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State of Oklahoma Ex Res., The Board of
                                                           Regents of the University of Oklahoma

                                                      provides this valuable benefit at no cost to you.

                                                    Full-Time Employees

              Life and AD&D Insurance

      Safeguard the most important people in your life.
      Think about what your loved ones may face after you’re gone. Term life insurance can help them in so many ways,
      like helping to cover everyday expenses, pay off debt, and protect savings. AD&D provides additional benefits if
      you die or suffer a covered loss in an accident, such as losing a limb or your eyesight.

            AT A GLANCE:
            • A cash benefit of 1.5 times annual earnings rounded to the next higher $1,000, up to
              $1,000,000 without providing evidence of insurability to your loved ones in the event of your
              death, plus an additional cash benefit of $20,000 if you die in an accident.
            • Includes LifeKeys® services, which provide access to counseling, financial, and legal support services.
            • TravelConnect services, which give you and your family access to emergency medical
              assistance when you’re on a trip 100+ miles from home.

        You also have the option to increase your cash benefit by securing additional coverage at affordable group rates.
                             See the enclosed optional life insurance information for details.

     Continuation of Coverage for Ceasing Active Work: You may be able to continue your coverage if you leave your job for
     reasons including and not limited to Family and Medical Leave, Lay-off, Leave of Absence, and Leave of Absence Due to

     Continuation of Coverage: You may be able to continue your coverage if you leave your job for any reason other than sickness,
     injury or retirement.
     Conversion: You may be able to convert your group term life coverage to an individual life insurance policy if your coverage
     reduces or you lose coverage due to leaving your job or for other reasons outlined in the plan contract.
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